Our client, the owner of Pittsburgh Towing Services, came to us with the goal of increasing their calls and ultimately, their revenue. They had tried various forms of digital marketing in the past, but had not seen the results they were looking for. They were looking for a new approach to help them reach their goals.


The objective of this campaign was to increase calls and ultimately, revenue for Pittsburgh Towing Services by implementing a targeted Google Ads campaign.


At Digital 1 Media, we created a strategy that targeted potential customers searching for towing services in the area. We used a variety of ad formats, including search ads and call-only ads, to reach potential customers at different stages of the customer journey. We also implemented a variety of targeting options, including location and keyword targeting, to ensure that the ads were reaching the right audience.


Once the strategy was in place, we implemented the campaign and closely monitored its performance. We made adjustments as needed to ensure that the campaign was reaching the desired audience and achieving the desired results.

Finally Get the Result

The results of the campaign were outstanding. Over the course of 2 months, Pittsburgh Towing Services saw a 147% increase in conversions. This increase in conversions translated into an increase of 300 calls per month for the company.

In addition to the impressive increase in conversions, the campaign also had a strong return on investment. The cost per conversion was 34% lower and the cost per click was 29% lower compared to the industry average. The campaign quality score improved from 4/10 to 10/10 and the click-through rate (CTR) was 21% higher than the industry average.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a targeted Google Ads campaign in increasing calls and ultimately, revenue for a towing company. By targeting potential customers at different stages of the customer journey and making adjustments as needed, we were able to achieve a 147% increase in conversions and 300 calls per month in just 2 months. Digital 1 Media’s ability to achieve these results with low costs and high quality scores is an evidence of our expertise in driving results for our clients.

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