Project Brief: is a martial arts website that offers a wide range of classes and training programs for individuals of all ages and skill levels. They were having trouble getting their website to rank well on search engines like Google, which was resulting in very low traffic to their site. 

The client approached us with the following issues and concerns:

  • Low traffic to their website: Despite offering valuable services, the website was not generating enough traffic. This was resulting in very few leads and sign-ups for classes.

  • Poor search engine visibility: The website was not ranking well on search engines like Google, which was making it difficult for potential customers to find the website.

  • Lack of optimized content: The website’s existing content was not optimized for search engines or users, which was making it difficult for search engines to understand the website’s content and purpose.

  • Technical SEO issues: The website had some technical issues such as slow loading speed, lack of mobile-friendliness, and poor internal linking structure.


Implementation & Solution:

Once the strategy was in place, we began implementing the necessary changes to the website. This included updating the website’s code and structure, creating new content, and building backlinks. We also used various SEO tools to track the progress and make any necessary adjustments.

As a result of our efforts, began to see a significant increase in their search engine rankings for a number of high-traffic keywords. For example, their website went from not ranking at all for the keyword “martial arts classes Ottawa” to ranking on the first page of Google. Additionally, the website’s loading speed was improved which resulted in a better user experience.


Over the course of 8 months, saw a 237% increase in traffic to their website. The client was extremely satisfied with the results and has seen a significant increase in the number of new students signing up for classes as a result of the improved visibility of their website. Furthermore, their local SEO efforts helped them to rank high in the local search results which helped them to attract more local customers and increase their revenue.

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