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Website monitoring examines traffic information and conversions and links them to a particular marketing initiative or campaign that inspired the user to perform the desired action. All of your active campaigns across any channel, including paid marketing, social media, email, and organic search, are included in multi-channel website tracking. You are then able to see which channels generate the most referrals and are the most successful, allowing you to better advise your future marketing strategies.

When you have access to all the information required to take advantage of the best channels, there is no need to make marketing decisions on a whim. For instance, if you can observe that the bulk of the traffic to your website comes from organic search, this may indicate that your SEO approach is effective and warrants more investment. It can also imply that in order to improve ROI, you need to devote more resources to your other channels.


When reporting, it’s crucial that we take the time to comprehend corporate goals and the supporting circumstances that help us attain them.

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