Our Testimonials

Kevin Decherd


Today, Digital 1 Media assisted me in building up an email campaign. By far, the finest tech support encounter I’ve ever had was with this business. You are fortunate to have someone of that caliber representing your business. When it comes to using a computer, I’m the worst. I’m not sure how he did it, but he gave me the impression that I understood what I was doing.

Sandra Heinsberg


Before beginning my work with Digital 1 Media, I spent roughly five months working with a different agency, and I can honestly state that the work that each of those agencies produced was on a completely different level. Our website swiftly rose in the rankings after working with Digital 1 Media, and I soon saw a significant boost in visitors and revenue. The rapid growth I saw in such a short amount of time shocked and delighted me. They have also gotten back to me in a timely manner and have been transparent with me since the very get-go. 

Alexa Kavya

I adore the look of our new website. The website is not only well-designed, but it also functions quickly and securely. Additionally, in a very competitive region, we have already made it to the first page of Google in a short period of time. I wholeheartedly recommend Digital 1 Media to anyone who is serious in increasing their online presence.

Joseph Gonzalez


We strongly value all of your help. I think you’ve really grasped what our organization can provide our customers.

Abu Taha Zeitoun


I appreciate your assistance since I think it’s wonderful. In terms of design, navigation, performance, and security. The website is excellent. Fantastic work, guys! Keep up the excellent job.

Mark Castilloux


I want to share my experience working with Andy as my web designer for Digital 1 Media with everyone who would listen. I initially had a pretty basic website; however, I recently gave it a new look and made it mobile friendly. The process took a while since I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Andy is a wonderful person and was really patient with me, and the end product is fantastic. Andy and I worked together for several weeks to create a website I am very happy of. Andy, once again, I appreciate all your labor and assistance.

Robert Silva


We sincerely appreciate your excellent work and prompt help. Looking forward to continue to work with you in the months or even years to come!